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The Great Region 8



Region 8 includes Lure Coursing Clubs from the following states:

Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

See you on the field !!!

This Website Is Dedicated To The Memories Of:

Listed in alphabetical order by last name

Those people who have worked hard to help make Region 8 what it is today

Daphne Bell

Anne Filletti

Gary Forrester

LeLani Hughes

Vanessa Johnson

Jonathan Jordan

Marty Kohl

Sharon Kurley

Leon McGowan

Lynn McGowan

Jan McKensie

Jack McManus

Carolyn Mountan

Greg Mountan

Les Pekarski

Bob Sellers Betty Smith Pete Smith

Ken Stebritz



~ Region 8 Hall of Fame Inductees ~



Tom Bianchi

Kathy Budney

Anne Filletti

Gary Forrester

Carolyn & Greg Mountain

Jack McManus

Bob Sellers

Wes Shainline





Region 8


Tortoise & Hare Lure Coursers






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